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mens-big-review-picPub golf has undoubtedly taken off, which means that you need to find the best outfit for the event and ensure that you make an entrance. Choosing your outfit should take you some time as you want to be comfortable, and ensure that you look brilliant. There are several outfits to choose, but none as amusing as the funny guy golfer outfit.

As soon as I saw this outfit I knew it was perfect for the pub golf game that I was attending as I am a comical guy who likes to make heads turn. Every element of the outfit was fun, and vibrant, which guaranteed that the ladies noticed me in my golf gear. I managed to borrow some of my dad’s golfing clothing to bring the cost down, but the shoes were too bulky.

I only noticed that the shoes were too large for me when I was tripping over them as I walked towards the pub. A few people thought I had already drunk too much, but this was not the case, and I caused a few laughs before I even got to the event. The bright pullover was loud, and ensured that I made a statement as I entered the pub.

Included in the outfit was a faux shirt and tie, which set the golf image off perfectly, and alongside the oversized plus fours, I could have looked at home on the golf course. My favourite parts were  one white glove, and classic visor that made me look like a professional. There were no socks included in the outfit, but I knew my dad had some, so these were not a problem to find.

I wanted bright socks, so raided some of socks that he no longer wears, as he has changed to more conventional white socks when he plays. Every element of the outfit is fun and funky, ensuring that I didn’t look like my dad on the course. Pub golf is fun, and the outfit choices should reflect the atmosphere on the night, mine certainly did. There was no mistaking that I was there to have a terrific time.

A friend asked about my brilliant outfit as he wanted to buy one for the next event, and although he was much smaller than me, there are several different sizes. Everyone can enjoy this outfit, and make sure that the next pub golf game is enjoyed with enthusiasm and laughter. The outfit makes a tremendous difference, not only for everyone else, but it will make sure that you have an excellent time.