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Pub Golf Guide - How to play the drinking game

Pub Golf Guide

No matter whether you are a fan of golf or not you are sure to enjoy the game of pub golf. For a start, there is no need to get up early in the morning and carry a big bag of golf clubs around for hours. Instead, you can enjoy a few hours of drinking in your favourite pubs with your friends or work colleagues.

How Pub Golf Works

Pub golf is a fun social activity which takes the best elements of dressing up and going on a pub crawl and adds in just a hint of golf. In fact, the golfing element only really comes into play in the way that you choose the “holes” you will cover and the par on each of them.  For example, you will typically choose either a 9 hole course or an 18 hole one, so you will either cover 9 pubs or a whopping 18 of them. The par for each pub is then the number of sips, swigs or gulps which will be needed to finish the drink you have in it. As in the non-alcoholic version of golf the aim is to get round the course in as few stokes/gulps as you can manage.

The Additional Rules

Many pub golf players decide to spice up their evening even more by adding in some additional rules. This can come in the shape of a forfeit for the loser or penalty strokes for players who spill their drinks, fall over, throw up or do anything else which is worthy of a penalty. Basically, you can add in whatever rules seem fair, appropriate or funny to you before you start out.

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Pub Golf Outfits

It isn’t strictly necessary to wear special outfits but it does add a whole layer of extra fun to the night. In this case, you and the rest of the drinkers will probably want to look for the wildest and most over the top golfing gear you can find. At the start of the night you might feel just a little bit silly but as you start to come in under par on a few holes you will begin to get into the swing of things and really enjoy the fact that you are all wearing funny golfing outfits.

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Making It Even More Social

One of the main attractions of pub golf is that it is such a wonderfully social and sociable way of getting out and having a few drinks. If you want it to be even more of a social event then you will find a number of Facebook pages dedicated to it. There is even a smartphone app you can use as you wander from hole to hole with your plus fours and bright polo shirts on.

Who Can Play Pub Golf?

One of the great things about the game of pub golf is that anyone can play. Groups of students, stag or hen parties, work colleagues and friends looking for an interesting and unusual night can pull on some plaid trousers, look out an Argyle sweater and head out for a fantastic pub crawl with a difference.