Pub Golf Outfits


The typical pub golf outfits add a hugely entertaining aspect to this increasingly popular drinking game. Don’t worry if you think that you are going to have to spend a fortune on trendy golfing gear; we aren’t talking about that kind of outfit here. It is tremendously good fun to turn up at the first pub on your course and laugh as each member of the group comes walking in wearing the silliest golfing outfit they could find. If you want to look the part as well here is a quick guide to getting the best outfit sorted out.

What to Wear

The best idea when you are looking for pub golf outfits is to find a few pictures of golfers from the 80s. The basic concept for both men and women players is to wear retro gear which looks funny and just a little bit silly. This means that old fashioned sun visors and the kind of chequered socks an old man would wear are exactly the kind of thing you should be looking for before you head out to the local pubs for a game. There is a wide variety of golfing gear you can wear for an evening of pub golf so you should have a look through a few different pictures and see whether plaid trousers and patterned jumpers or plus fours and retro polo shirts are perfect for you.

Where to Shop

You don’t want to go shopping in expensive golfing stores for your pub golf outfits. Instead, you could spend some time in cheap shops like Primark and H&M, where you might be lucky and find an old man’s flat cap or a pair of hideous shorts at a ridiculous price. Another great place to look for your outfits is online at Amazon, where there is a big selection of the right kind of stuff at really low prices. Don’t forget that you aren’t planning to invest in cutting edge clothing to show off to the elite golfing world; this is an outfit for an evening of drinking, walking from one pub to another and having a laugh. If you treat it in this way then you won’t have too much trouble getting hold of your pub golf outfit at a decent price.

What If You Can’t Find the Right Stuff?  

If you looking for your golfing gear at the last minute or you are just plain unlucky you might not find what you are after in the first places you look. You don’t need to panic here, because your local sports shops could help you out if you use a bit of imagination. For example, if you can’t find the ideal retro style long chequered socks then you could but some plain white football socks, which go perfectly fine with the vast majority of pub golf outfits. As long as you wouldn’t look out of place on a fairway in the 1980s you won’t be far off the look you need for this entertaining drinking game.