Pub golf rules


A printable copy of Pub Golf rules

We recommend printing off a copy of this for everyone. After a few beers people are going to lose them or spill their drinks on them.

Download a copy of the rules here >>

There are a few different ways you can adapt the general pub golf rules to fit in with the kind of evening you want to have and the group of fellow drinkers you are playing with. However, in general terms you will want to use the following rules to have a hugely enjoyable game of pub golf.

The Scores

Just like the real game of golf, you will all need to carry your own score cards and mark your scores on them. Each pub has a par assigned to it, which is the number of swigs you are expected to take to finish the drink in it. If you are able to drink the whole thing in that number of swigs then you will have managed par. Any time you finish a drink in less or more than the required number of drinks then you will be either under or over par for that pub. The idea is that the person who has taken the least number of swigs in the evening is most under par and therefore the winner. The person organising the event might even arrange for some prizes to be given out at the end.

The Penalty Strokes

An entertaining addition to the basic pub golf rules comes with the use of penalties for doing certain things. The following list gives some good examples of how this could work.

  • 1 stroke added on for a spilled drink
  • 2 strokes added on for missing a hole (pub) or falling over
  • 5 strokes added on for being caught cheating
  • 10 strokes added on for throwing up during the game
  • 20 strokes added on for starting a fight with other players

The Forfeits

It might be clear after a few holes which golfers have no chance of winning the event. To keep the interest bubbling along the pub golf rules can also include the use of forfeits. In this case, the person who comes in last will have to carry out an embarrassing forfeit. A fine example of a pub golf forfeit is that of having to go into work or university in the following days with their golfing outfit on. This rule should be made clear to everyone taking part right at the beginning of the evening. If the loser tries to wriggle out of the forfeit then they will be banned from taking part in future games for being a bad loser.

For a printable version of the rules in PDF format click here >>