Tips about Pub Golf from HWL Students

We decided to ask the students from the Homework Lab to share their tips about the Pub Golf game, and here is what we got as a result! Before we share the student tips with you, we want to tell you that a major difference between golf and the pub golf is that the talk goes off a recreational drinking game with nine or eighteen pubs that basically create a “course”. You can think of it as of a pub crawl with a competition!

Truth be told, there is no ball or a fairway involved! Nevertheless, the Pub Golf has the standard 9 (or 18) different holes, yet the bars play the role of these “holes.” Do you get the idea now? These bars that you visit are predetermined and, of course, numbered, so there is a strict order or what bars to visit and when! The drinks that are assigned to each “bars” or the “holes” should vary, so a simple shot is sufficient for a par one!

Sounds like fun? Bring your friends or co-workers along, invite student groups or anyone who wants to have some serious fun!

  • Keep prepared before you start! The majority of Homework Lab students have reported that one should never start playing on an empty stomach and keep hydrated! Otherwise, according to students’ reports, there is a strong risk of immediate exhaustion and even a health hazard!
  • Never rush as you play! If you rush and do not keep as calm as you drink, you are not only risking to miss all the fun but get a penalty from a drink spilled or co-worker pushed by accident. Play with a bit of strategic thinking. Approach it just like Chess – think of each step that you make. Right drinks at the right time!
  • Choose your company well! While it is probably not possible to avoid and there will always be someone odd and angry, choose your company well before you start drinking! Pub golf is about having a good time with good people. If there is someone who easily gets angry and loses his or her temper, it is better to leave that person at home!
  • Take care of each other! The most important thing in the Pub Golf is to remember that it is a team event! Therefore, it is crucial to back up each other. Just keep an eye on your friends and make sure that there is no aggressive or odd behavior. Doing so will keep the game fun! Students have said that once there is at least one responsible person, the others will see it as a positive example and act accordingly!
  • Take time to mix your drinks with the soft drinks! If you want to reach the end of the game and be at the top, you have to keep in balance and take a break from time to time. This way you will last much longer as a player, remaining safe!
  • Never drive when you are drunk! When playing the Pub Golf, you do not drive. Period! There is always a taxi, bus or a nominated driver for such events and you can always choose the safest and the most fitting option! All the students have started with this rule, but we have intentionally put it at the very end as the most important! Play safe and it will always reward you and your friends!

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