Pub golf accessories

For some fans of pub golf dressing up like a throwback to the 1982 British Open isn’t enough for them. These people want to really look the part as they go round the local pubs, which is why they look for some interesting pub golf accessories to take round with them. The following are a couple of the most popular ones, although there is absolutely nothing to stop you being creative and using something else.

Baseline Junior Golf Caddy Set - Perfect to carry on a night of pub golf
Golf putting set - Play a quick round inside the pub! Adds more fun to the game
Childrens Summer Fun Outdoor Garden Golf Clubs & Caddy Game Set
Nike Golf Womens Dura Feel III Golf Glove - Ladies LH

A Golfing Glove

Professional golfers wear special gloves and if you want to impress your friends you could wear one too. These are easy to get hold of and don’t cost much money at all. A quick look on Amazon, for example, will give you a good selection to pick from. You only need one of these and real golfers usually wear it on their weaker hand, which means that a right handed player would wear it on their left hand. Whether you wear it on the hand which will be gripping your drinks is entirely up to you but either way these are very effective pub golf accessories for making you look and feel the part.

Golf Clubs

It is pretty clear that you aren’t going to be crazy enough to take a set of metal golf clubs round the pubs with you as you take part in this terrific drinking game. However, there is another option which you might be interested in. There are lots of different kinds of plastic golf club sets around which are cheap and easy to carry around. Some even come with plastic balls to really set off your look. If you want to turn heads and make it even more of an unforgettable event for the whole group then these pub golf accessories are a great choice.