Pub Golf App

We have teamed up with the guys over at Bright Barnacle to bring you a pub golf app! This takes away any hassle of taking around a paper scorecard on your night out.



Pub Golf Caddy is the companion you need to have with you on all of your pub golfing adventures with its social media compatibility, customizable levels, smooth user-friendly functions and slick graphics.

If you haven’t heard of bar or pub golf, it is the latest big craze taking the globe by storm.  There are 2 very distinct and unique sets of rules for Bar Golf played in America and Pub Golf which is played in Europe.  These both have positive and negative aspects.  Bright Barnacle have ingeniously combined the best parts of both different games to create the best flowing and most fun pub golf app that features an easy and customised set up that will ensure you can enjoy your pub golf experience to the fullest.

I am completely new to this craze – what is pub golf?  Well, for starters it’s not actually golf really, it’s actually a golf-themed drinking game mashed up with a pub crawl.  The first step to playing Pub Golf is choosing the route that you are going to take.  For each hole, or pub, a different drink is specified.  To complete a hole, a player must drink and finish their drink and count how many gulps it took to do it.  Gulps are the equivalent to actual shots in a real golf game and for every gulp a pub golfer takes, they have a point added to their score.  The winning player, similarly to golf, is the one with the lowest score.  There are ways to both increase scores (by receiving penalties by spilling drinks) and decreasing/improving them by competing in bonus round activates(for instance, wearing clothing normally associated with golfing)  Generally, dressing up to play pub golf is very much encouraged.

The app features 40 pre-loaded and very entertaining bonuses that will encourage a fun atmosphere including:

  • Use A Cheesy Pick-Up Line – “Do you come here often?”, “Did you fall down from the sky?” and “How do you like your golf balls served in the morning?”
  • Talk in a funny or foreign accent at a hole – Example “Hola Smithy, sangria sangria cha cha cha” We’ll leave you to work out what that means in English!
  • Swappo Toppo – This is perhaps the King of Bonus rounds.  You have to swap your t-shirt, jumper or shirt with someone else.  Preferably you would swap it with someone of the opposite sex.  It is up to you to persuade them.

We are sure you get the general picture and you also have the option to add your own customised and original penalties and bonus rounds which will be saved by the app for future games and rounds.

All players’ scores are tracked by the Pub Golf Caddy App.  Once you have entered all the names of participating players along with a specific drink for each hole, you are ready to tee off and begin.  As you work your way round the course, or route, player’s scores are entered into the Pub Golf Scorecard.  This enables you to easily keep track of player’s progress and when you have completed the course, the victorious Champion of Pub Golf is announced and marked down in the history section, so that they can remind everyone of their victory for the next year or so!