Stag Do Ideas for Pub Golf

You have just been chosen to be the groom’s best man. Awesome! You now have responsibilities before, during, and after the wedding. It’s the best man’s job to organize the groom’s bachelor party or stag do. It means that you need to recruit other groomsmen to participate and help with the preparations, and come up with exciting, fun, and memorable stag do ideas.

There are loads of stag do ideas to choose from, but if you want to prepare something that’s amazing yet not so common, you may give pub golf a try. Pub golf, which is also known as bar golf, is basically a drinking game. It involves your own selection of either 9 or 18 bars or pubs to create a course played by a group of people. Unlike the traditional golf game, pub golf doesn’t involve any kind of ball.

All pubs involved in the game are numbered and chosen ahead of the event. Each pub is considered as a hole and has a par that ranges from 1 to 5. Each par represents the number of drinks, gulps, or sips it would take to complete the assigned drink. The last pub is known as the Club House. The stag who finishes with the least number of points will be declared as the winner.

Here are some ways to keep the stag do pub golf game fun:

1.Choose a variety of drinks

Aside from preparing alcoholic drinks, it’s also a good idea to include some hydrating drinks such as a pint of orange juice or water in the later stages of the game.

2.Assign penalties or consequences

After going through a few holes, the stags might find it harder to obey the game rules. So, assigning penalties for each broken rule will make the game even more fun! You may assign 1 additional point for spilling a drink, 2 points for falling down, 3 points for skipping a hole, 4 points for throwing up, and 5 points for using the toilet without permission. In addition to extra points, you may also assign consequences! For extra fun, set betting odds and allow your mates to choose who they think will win and place their bets!

3.Choose worst rated pubs

If you want a more challenging pub golf for you and your mates, choose the worst rated pubs in your area instead of the best ones. You may also require them to dance while travelling from one pub to another.

4.Jack the Ripper inspired pub golf

Why not follow the footsteps of Jack the Ripper on your next pub golf game? Instead of wearing golf outfits, ask the stags to wear traditional Victorian outfits. Require them to drink a pint of Bloody Mary with added Jack Daniels in every spot Jack the Ripper killed a victim.

5.Brokenhearted inspired pub golf

This one’s kind of unique. Each participant will need to drink in every pub while clutching photographs of their exes and sobbing.

Which of these ideas are you planning to implement? Make your upcoming pub golf game extra special by implementing all of the above-mentioned ideas!

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