Mens pub golf outfit on a budget

Pub golf has become a massive past time, and men and woman all over the country are enjoying taking part. The moment you know there is an event near you, finding the ultimate outfit is essential, but you do not want to spend too much money. If you shop around, and mix and match you can create the perfect outfit even on a small budget.

Hats and Visors

visor-cheap-articleNo golf outfit is complete without a visor, and there are some incredible affordable options ensuring that you remain stylish. A novelty red visor will match every outfit, and is incredibly cheap at only £3.70.  You can easily find these online at Amazon, or your local fancy dress shop will have them in stock. Even your local market stall may have red visors on sale, guaranteeing that you can complete your outfit for remarkably little expense.


Cheap T-shirts

Cheap polo shirts can ensure that you look like a professional golfer without the usual expense that is needed at only £4.99 these shirts are a bargain. Regardless of the colour that you want, there are several available, guaranteeing that your outfit will match. Choosing a plain polo shirt will allow you to go wild with your choice of shorts and pants. There are no style rules when it comes to pub golf, everyone is there to have a brilliant time and enjoy the game.

Golf Pants

Gyellow-budgetolf pants can be worn in any colour, and it is often thought that the brighter the better when trying to create the ultimate appearance for the pub golf game. At only £10 you can choose the brightest and most vibrant pair of pants ensuring that you stand out during the game. Although the pants are more expensive, you will not need to buy socks, which creates a saving.


mens-budget-shortsIf the weather is hotter, you may want to wear shorts, and there are many different styles for you to choose, depending on the colours of the polo shirt. These checked shorts are not as wild as many people would expect, but they do create the ultimate golf outfit. Priced at just £9, you may even be tempted to buy a second pair for the next event. However, you do need to remember that you will need golf socks to complement the look that you are creating.


black-and-blue-argyle-socksSocks are a huge part of every golf outfit, and there are some incredible colours and styles available. If you have chosen to wear shorts, you will need golf socks to finish the outfit. These socks are incredibly cheap at just £3.99; however, you may know a golfer that can lend you a pair, which will save even more money. There is no point in spending money if you can borrow the items to use for the pub golf game.

Overall cost

Initially you may be concerned that the outfit for your pub golf game will cost you a large amount, however, you can easily create the ultimate look for just £18.69. If you choose to buy socks and shorts, it will be slightly more, but only £21.69 which is a bargain. Your outfit will be amazing, and guarantee that you have a brilliant night.

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