Womens budget pub golf outfit

Dressing up can be a vast amount of fun, but you do not want the cost of your outfit to be expensive, which is why shopping around is advised. There are some excellent outfit choices, which will ensure you look fantastic, and do not spend too much money. You may also be able to use some of your existing wardrobe, which will save you even more money. Pub golf has become a popular event, and the outfits are part of what makes it such a massive success.

Visor and hats

visor-cheap-articleEvery female golfer needs a visor, and a bright red one will guarantee that you look the part, irrelevant of the rest of your outfit choice. There are some cheap visors available on Amazon for only £3.70. You may also want to search locally in fancy dress shops or markets, as you may be surprised at what you find, as there are often other colour choices available.



You will need a polo shirt to compliment your pub golf outfit, and these are available in many different colours. Whether you want to choose a pale, subtle colour or something bright and vibrant, you will never be disappointed. At only £7.49 they are affordable, comfortable and stylish, which is what you need for your outfit.


tartan-leggingsLeggings are a part of the outfit that you may have at home in the wardrobe, but if you want a specific style or colour, you may want to shop around. There are distinctive tartan leggings available for an affordable £5.99. Wearing legging also means that you do not have to spend money on golf socks to finish the outfit.


red-tartan-skirtSkirts are a must when choosing your pub golf outfit, and they are available in many different stores, in several different styles. Tartan is always popular on the golf course, and you can complement the skirt with either leggings, or socks. The skirts are available for £9.95 which makes them worth the money, and will not push your budget too far.


pub-golf-tightsIf you choose socks for your outfit, make sure they are knee length, and very bold, creating the ultimate outfit choice. You can use your own knee high socks if you have a pair, or borrow someone else’s, which will reduce the overall amount that you spend on the outfit. If you need to buy a pair of socks they can be found for £2.99, which is a bargain.

Overall cost

The total that you will spend with leggings is only £17.88, and if you decide on socks it will be £24.13, which is affordable. Saving money on your outfit is essential, which is why you should try to use clothing that you have at home. You want to have an enjoyable time playing pub golf, and the right outfit can help to set the mood.


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